CMSD Rows is the rowing program for the Cleveland Metropolitan School District

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CMSD Rows is made possible by the Cleveland philanthropic and rowing communities, as well as several partners and associated teams.

Breaking down barriers

CMSD Rows aspires to bring rowing to the students of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, regardless of student's background.

student-athlete lifestyle

CMSD Rows offers programming that supplements education. Things like career coaching, SAT prep, and homework help all are major parts of being a balanced student/athlete.

Latest News On CMSD Rows

You made it happen! Mission Accomplished!

Mission Accomplished! Thank you to everyone who supported CMSD Rows in the Dick's Sporting Goods Foundation's Sports Matter program! Due to your generosity, CMSD Rows was able to raise $38,166, which the Sports Matters program matched for an incredible

Just a few days to go!

With just a few days to go, CMSD Rows is close to our goal. Take a look at this article highlighting the awesome work from our friends at the Chicago Rowing Center: With your contribution, CMSD Rows will thrive, just like our comrades in Chi-town. Make our contribution