Rowing, an Olympic sport, is growing in popularity in the United States. This growth, combined with increased recruitment from elite colleges and universities, has prompted a movement of bringing rowing to inner-city and under-served populations in American cities. With CMSD Rows, Cleveland now endeavors to join the fraternity of established urban rowing programs in cities like New York, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and others.


CMSD Rows is an interscholastic program of the Cleveland Rowing Foundation open to students in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District and other schools in the Cleveland metropolitan area. CMSD Rows is thrilled and honored to be affiliated with these organizations. Rowing programs in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Oklahoma City, Chicago and other cities with student rowing programs have long shown that underserved or at-risk students and their families are ready to sign up for and participate in any plan that paves a path to college with scholarships and promotes health. Meanwhile a Harvard School of Education study affirms what our local coaches and school officials know: CMSD Rows, with its combination of teaching responsibility, discipline and teamwork, can transform failing students into high school graduates who succeed in college. In letters and in person, students and their parents tell us how meaningful the program has been to them. Said one donor: “Given that we have a river and rowing community in Cleveland, it’s only right that we take full advantage of our natural asset and make it available for all Cleveland students, not just those from the suburbs.”


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